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Chinese New Year Celebration--
Sky Treasure 21 Dzambhala && Butter Lamp Offering


Zoom ID: 832 8182 7914 
Password: monthly

To celebrate the Chinese New Year on January 22, the Centre will have Sky Treasure 21 Dzambala puja and Butter Lamp prayer blessing. We pray for world peace, and an end to the pandemic. May all beings be healthy, wealthy and have good fortune. May all wishes come true.

Body perfectionsponsor:$100(one small butter lamp + rejoice 21 Dzambhala puja) 
Speech perfection sponsor:$200(one medium butter lamp + rejoice 21 Dzambhala puja) 
Mind perfection sponsor:$300(one big butter lamp + rejoice 21 Dzambhala puja)

Big butter lamp(10 days):$100,

medium butter lamp(5 days): $50,

small butter lamp (2 days): $30.

May the light illuminate the darkness of ignorance and allow the light of wisdom to shine through for all.

Rejoice in everyone's immeasurable merit.

Centre Address: 6491 Swift Ave, Richmond.
E-transfer and PayPal:






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