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Teaching on Shamatha Meditation

May 22-23 & 29-30, 2021. 5pm-7pm PDT, 8pm-10pm EDT

Shantideva said that Vipashyana together with Shamatha eradicates negative emotions. Therefore, it’s important to first accomplish calm abiding (Shamatha) which is the basis for special insight (Vipashyana).


We want to thank everybody who participated in Khenpo Sonam Nyima Rinpoche's teaching on Shamatha Meditation. We sincerely hope you will benefit from the teaching, and it is our heartfelt wish that you will be able to incorporate the practice of Shamatha meditation in your daily life, as proposed by Khenpo Sonam Rinpoche.

The teaching was offered to all who wish to develop inner joy and tranquility, leading to discriminating wisdom.

Any donation is very much appreciated and will help to support our centre.

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